Types of Clay Pigeons

Clay pigeon shooting is a popular sport for all types of shooting enthusiasts. Hunters enjoy shooting clay pigeons because it helps improve their reflexes and aim. Competitive shooters enjoy the thrill of the competition and developing their skills. Recreational shooters just enjoy the thrill of shooting and hitting moving targets.

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There are several different types of clay pigeons that can be used. Each type of clay serves a specific purpose. Most clay pigeons are small round discs. The standard clay pigeon, which is most commonly used in trap and skeet shooting, has a diameter of 110mm and a height of 25 mm. These standard clays are available in many different colors, including standard orange, white, pink, blue, green, black and red.

Midi clay pigeons are a bit smaller, a diameter of 90mm and are 23 mm in height, and are used for sporting courses. Their smaller size increases the difficulty in judging their speed and distance. They are usually available in the standard orange color but can also come in black.

Battue clay pigeons are also popular with sporting clay courses. These targets are unique in design so that they fly at an angle which represents the flying action of a live bird. Battue clay targets are usually 108 mm in diameter and 9mm in height and come in black or orange.

Other type of clay pigeon includes rabbit, looper, and mini clays. Rabbit clays are designed to fly low and bounce along the ground which mimics the movements of live rabbits. Looper clays fly in a high arch than most and Mini clays are smaller and harder to hit.

The different types of clay pigeons are designed to create different shooting scenarios to increase the excitement and difficulty level of the sport.