Ever wondered what the deal is with Clay Pigeon Shooting?  Clay pigeons are small, round targets made of clay; they get their name from the old days when shooters would hone their skills using live birds.  Today live birds are unnecessary because there a number of different types of clay targets and throwers that can mimic just about any bird hunting scenario. Clay pigeon shooting is fast, exciting and challenging and popular with both hunters and people who love competition shooting.

How does clay pigeon shooting work? The idea is to recreate different types of shots to allow the shooter to practice their aim, reflexes and hand eye coordination. The shooter stands at a pre-designated shooting line and yells “pull” for the operator or machine to throw the target. The automatic throwing machine will then launch the clay target high into the air at a specific angle and the shooter will try to break it with their firearm; clay target shooters can use any firearm but the most popular choice is the shotgun. If any part of the clay target is broken it counts as a hit.

So why is this form of shooting sport so enjoyable? First, clay target shooting is appropriate for the entire family. Even younger kids can participate and enjoy the experience. Also, hitting a moving target with a shotgun is exhilarating. Plus it’s a relatively inexpensive sport. Clay pigeon shooting is both challenging and entertaining at the same time, which explains its popularity.